Taiwan weather warms up, nearing 30 degrees during daytime

Over the next few days, most of Taiwan will experience warmer weather

(Image from Max Pixel)

(Image from Max Pixel)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Central Weather Bureau says most of Taiwan will experience daytime highs of near 30 degrees Celsius over the next few days, as warm weather temporarily picks up again.

The Bureau’s latest report also says that humidity will decrease during the day. Residents of the greater Taipei area will start to see the sun prevail over the clouds, and generally sunny weather is expected across the rest of the island, aside from the northeast coast.

Only Keelung (基隆) and coastal parts of Yilan County (宜蘭縣) in the northeast will remain slightly cooler, reaching maximum temperatures of 26 degrees. Yilan is also likely to be hit by flashes of heavy rain, with daily rainfall expectations exceeding 80 mm.

Temperatures in the north of Taiwan and Hualien County (花蓮縣) are set to hit 28-29 degrees, while temperatures can be expected to reach 31 degrees Celsius in the south during the day. Mornings and evenings will remain a little cooler.

Low temperatures will be around 22-23 degrees for most of the island, but will diminish to only 20-21 degrees along parts of the west coast from Hsinchu (新竹縣) to Chiayi (嘉義縣). The Bureau advises those heading out in the early morning and returning late at night to wrap up.

Before Nov. 8, central and southern Taiwan may also be hit by bouts of fog and low clouds. Commuters in the morning are advised to remain vigilant and safe when on the roads.

The Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) reports that air quality in the north is “good” today, while air quality in the south is “poor” due to low wind velocities leading to weaker atmospheric diffusion. The EPA has flashed an orange warning for air pollution in Yunlin (雲林縣), Chiayi, and other southern central areas, indicating adverse conditions for groups more sensitive to air quality.