Cosmos flowers blooming at Meiti Riverside Park in Taipei

The cosmos flower season is expected to last through mid-December

(photo courtesy of the HEO)

(photo courtesy of the HEO)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)—Taipei residents don’t have to drive all the way to central or southern Taiwan to enjoy vast fields of blooming cosmos flowers, because the landscape exists right here at Meiti Riverside Park in Neihu District, and is currently home to 165,000 blooming cosmos plants on a 4,608 square meter lot, the Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO) said in a Nov. 1 news release posted on its website.

Meiti Riverside Park is located on the Keelung River bank, on the Neihu side, across from MRT Xihu Station.

The HEO said that currently the yellow cosmos (Cosmos sulfurous) are in full bloom, while the garden cosmos (Cosmos bipinnatus) flowers are in bud, and all will continually come into blossom from now until mid-November.

“The cosmos flowers blooming alongside the road and riverbank decorate the surroundings in shades of yellow, white, and other colors,” the agency said. “The cosmos flower season is expected to last through mid-December.”

The agency urges the public not to pick and trample the flowers while appreciating them or taking photos with them.

(The following photos are courtesy of the HEO)