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DPP chairman slam Chinatimes for lack of objectivity

DPP chairman slam Chinatimes for lack of objectivity

Attending a court hearing of a libel trial, ruling Democratic Progressive Party Chairman Yu Hsi-kun slammed the Chinese-language newspaper Chinatimes for lacking objectivity and announced that the DDP headquarters would boycott the newspaper beginning yesterday.

Yu filed a lawsuit against Chinatimes on September 25, claiming the newspaper had falsely reported that he had called the protesters calling for President Chen Shui-bian's resignation "Chinese pigs." Chinatimes carried a small article the next day in which it admitted that it had made a mistake by carrying the news that Yu had said "Chineses pigs" to refer to the protesters, and made an apology to its readers and Chairman Yu for not verifying the facts.

Yu said that since Wang Chien-chuang became Chinatimes' editor-in-chief, the paper has lost its objectivity and become a political tool for the opposition Kuomintang, adding the paper has lost its character.

Announcing DPP's boycott of the newspaper, Yu said the DPP headquarters would neither accept Chinatimes' requests for interviews nor substantiate its reports about DPP. He also urged all people of Taiwan to turn to other media for news about the DPP, adding he has refused to read Chinatimes for some time.

In response, Chinatimes' editorial department yesterday issued a statement condemning Yu's comment about the paper as a vicious smear which had constituted an act of slander.