First circular building in Taiwan unveiled at Taichung Flora Expo

The Holland Pavilion serves as tangible proof of the close partnership between Taiwan and the Netherlands

The Holland Pavilion is opened at the Taichung World Flora Exposition on Nov. 3 (Source: NTIO)

The Holland Pavilion is opened at the Taichung World Flora Exposition on Nov. 3 (Source: NTIO)

TAICHUNG (Taiwan News) — The Holland Pavilion, the first circular building in Taiwan and a tangible symbol of Taiwan-Netherlands cooperation, was officially unveiled at the Taichung World Flora Exposition Saturday.

“The Holland Pavilion is a perfect testament to successful substantive exchanges between Taiwan and the Netherlands,” said Vice President Chen Chien-jen (陳建仁) at the opening ceremony.

“Through this international event, Taiwan and the Netherlands will pursue deeper cooperation in the circular economy and develop even stronger bilateral relations,” added the vice president.

The pavilion serves as tangible proof of the close partnership between the Dutch and Taiwanese governments, private enterprises as well as academic institutions. 46 organizations and individuals joined in the project to build the two-floor pavilion in which all equipment is rented instead of purchased and the materials used for the construction have been guaranteed that they can be recycled and reused in the future.

► The Holland Pavilion (Source: NTIO)

For example, the structure of the building is wood provided by Taiwan Sugar Corporation (TSC). After the end of the flora exposition in April next year, the pavilion will be dismantled and the wood and other materials will be redesigned and reused to build a new construction at TSC’s Yumei Tourism Sugar Factory in the Houli District of Taichung.

Taichung Mayor Lin Chia-lung (林佳龍) described the pavilion as a “cornerstone” for cooperation between Taiwan and the Netherlands.

Recounting his first visit to Mayor Franc Weerwind of Almere City in the Netherlands in 2016, Lin said the trip opened a window for the two cities to work together in such fields as the hosting of flora expositions and promoting circular economy.

Lin also signed a letter of intent with Weerwind, with the presence of Vice President Chen and Guy Wittich, head of the Netherlands Trade and Investment Office in Taipei (NTIO), as a commitment that Taichung City will take part in the Floriade, a once-in-ten-years international horticultural exposition which will be hosted by Almere City in 2022.

“Our expos will not be a one-time exhibition, but with our Flora Expos, we will leave sustainability, green, and culture in our cities,” said Lin.

► Taichung Mayor Lin Chia-lung and Franc Weerwind (right), mayor of Almere City, sign a letter of intent for further cooperation (Source: NTIO)

Weerwind, who came to Taichung for the second time with an even bigger economic delegation than the previous visit in the hope of seeking more partners in Taichung, said he anticipates the trip to Taichung should provide inspiration and ideas that can be used for his city and the Netherlands.

“Many circular construction projects have started both in Taichung and in the Netherlands,” said Wittich, pointing to the field as having great economic potentials as 40% of all global urban waste is derived from construction.

“But it will take all stakeholders to cooperate to make it work, and many more exchanges and partnerships in our business models and technologies,” added Wittich.

Apart from the letter of the intent, both the mayor of Taichung and Almere, joined by other participants, also signed a joint declaration, “Circular Now!”, showing their commitment to partnering to promote the circular economy.

► Franc Weerwind (Left-1), mayor of Almere City, Vice President Chen Chien-jen (Left-2), Guy Wittich, head of the NTIO (Right-2), and Taichung Mayor Lin Chia-lung take a tour of the Holland Pavilion (Source: NTIO)