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Federation of Filipino Community Organizations to raise funds for typhoon victims

Federation of Filipino Community Organizations to raise funds for typhoon victims

Super typhoon Reming (internationally known as Typhoon Durian) recently battered the Philippines' Bicol region. The typhoon left hundreds of people dead and thousands of families homeless. Authorities fear that up to a thousand people had lost their lives to the landslides and floods set off by the violent storm. Whole villages were buried in mud. Livelihoods had been lost. Schools were destroyed. People are getting desperate. Typhoon survivors are in dire need of medicines, food, mattresses and drinking water.
With your help, two Filipino organizations in Taiwan are hoping to provide needed relief assistance to the typhoon survivors.
The Federation of Filipino Community Organizations in Taiwan recently launched a fund-raising campaign for communities devastated by Typhoon Reming. The federation, comprising several local Pinoy groups, aims to build at least one classroom in a town or village battered by Reming. Your donation would be used to purchase building materials from cement and corrugated iron to bricks and lumber. Since this is a long-term program, the federation will also be donating books, computers and school gear (bags, pens, notebooks) to its adopted school in the near future. Those kids need your help, and a fully equipped classroom could just be one of the best aginaldos that they would be getting this Christmas.
Brick by brick, we could build this classroom. You may course your donation -- in cash or in kind -- through an EEC Elite outlet nearest you. EEC will also be shipping the relief goods to the Bicol region for free.
Here are EEC's branches:
No. 39, 1F, Zhongshan North Road, Sec. 3, Taipei 104
Tel: (02) 2596-2889
Contact Person: Merlyn Te

No. 516-5, 2F, Chung Cheng Road, Hsinchuang City, Taipei County 248
Tel: (03) 327-8181; 327-8282
Contact Person: Aida Kung

No. 2-12, Lane 48, Chung Cheng Road, Taoyuan City
Tel: (03) 3311-899
Contact Person: Eva Liu

No. 23 Chung Ping Road, Jhongli City
Tel: (03 ) 4225-959; 4275-959
Contact Person: Jocelyn Tan

No. 22 7-1F, Chung Cheng Rd., Hsinchu City
Tel: (035) 226646; 226870
Contact Person: Kenneth To

No. 171, Ren Le Rd., Hukou Hsiang, Hsinchu County
Tel: (035) 978-686
Contact Person: Cecil Yeo and Joey Ong

Golden Brother Dorm
No. 235-2, Chung Lun, Lin 7, Chung Lun Tsun, Hsin Fong, Hsinchu County
Tel: (03) 6993-778

Tantzu Export Processing Zone
No. 480-3&4, Sec. 2, Chung Shan Road, Tantzu Hsiang, Taichung County
Tel: (04) 2535-8888; 2535-9999
Contact Person: Edward Wee Ebol

Taichung City
No. 32, Tai Chung Road, Taichung City
Tel: (04) 2227-2200; 2227-1100

No. 184, Chung Shan Road, Tainan City 702
Tel: (06) 2238-260; 2266-397
Contact Person: Ronald Chee

Nantzu Export Processing Zone
No. 563 Te Shen Road, Nantzu District, Kaohsiung City 811÷
Tel: (07) 3640-036; 3640-052
Contact Person: Grace Liu

Nantzu Export Processing Zone-Yellow House Dormitory
No. 346, Te Min Road, Nantzu District, Kaohsiung City
Tel: (07) 3649-314 (Mon-Wed-Fri-Sun)

Gang Shan
No. 1, Lane 101, Gang Yan Road, Gang Shan Township, Kaohsiung County 82065
Tel: (07) 622-9903

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