Taichung Prefectural Hall to transform into contemporary art hub for Taiwan's artists

The project is part of the Ministry of Culture’s historic district renaissance initiative

Taichung Prefectural Hall (Photo/Wikimedia by Headbreaksway)

Taichung Prefectural Hall (Photo/Wikimedia by Headbreaksway)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Taichung Prefectural Hall (臺中州廳) will be transformed into a center dedicated to Taiwanese art as part of the Ministry of Culture’s effort to revitalize the central Taiwan city's historic district.

In collaboration with the Taichung City Government, the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, will oversee the establishment of the “Taichung Prefectural Hall Park,” slated for completion in 2021, according to MOC.

The Park will house an exhibition center for Taiwan’s contemporary art at the revamped former city hall, a photography facility at the former city council, and a national art archive institute are to be built.

The project, to be modeled on the Tainan Prefectural Hall turned National Museum of Taiwan Literature, is estimated to cost NT$1.05 billion (US$33.8 million). An additional budget of NT$1.2 billion (US$38.7 million) will be set aside by MOC to build up archives for local art history and photography development.

Established in 1913 during the Japanese colonial period, the Taichung Prefectural Hall features French “Mansard roofs,” an architectural design popular in the Baroque period. It has been designated as a historic monument by the Taichung City Government.

Taichung Prefectural Hall (Photo/Wikipedia by Mk2010)

Taichung Prefectural Hall (Photo/Ministry of Culture)