Video shows 2 Taiwanese kids dressed as traffic cameras for Halloween

Two cute Taiwanese kids dressed as speeding cameras spook motorists over Halloween

Two kids dressed as traffic cameras. (Images from Baoyuan Community)

Two kids dressed as traffic cameras. (Images from Baoyuan Community)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Last night, two cute kids were seen dressed as a driver's worst nightmare - a traffic camera - to spook motorists out of their socks for Halloween.

Possibly inspired by an incident last month in which a driver set fire to a speeding camera to get out of a hefty ticket, video has surfaced was posted yesterday on Baoyuan Commune (爆怨公社) of two small kids dressed as traffic cameras, complete with bright yellow and black stripes.

Above the Facebook post, the father of the children wrote:

"The number of speeding tickets issued a year is countless. It just happens to be Halloween. Frighten the motorists. Done."

In the video, the two little tykes can be seen standing on the side of the road at night with their little faces protruding through a slot in the boxes used to simulate the traffic cameras. One of the "cameras" stands perfectly still, while the other has a hard time staying in character and swivels toward the camera held by a parent. An adult accompanying them sets off a flash as motorists whiz by, perhaps to simulate a speeding camera capturing the moment they exceeded the speed limit.

With the 18,000 likes and counting, many netizens found the boxy duo cute:

"Really creative."

"So cute."

"Very talented."

"These two cute kids win first place for Halloween."

Ironically, at the end of the video, a motorcyclist not wearing a helmet can been seen driving the wrong way at an extremely slow speed to take photos of the kids with his cell phone.

A version of the video posted on Breaking News Commune (爆料公社) can be seen below:

Still from Baoyuan Commune Facebook page.

Charred camera from last month's incident. (CNA image)