Photo of the Day: Old man and pet squirrel in Taipei

Elderly man spotted with his pet squirrel perched on his knee near the 'scooter waterfall' in Taipei 

Old man and his squirrel. (Photo by Instagram user @AmarisWoo)

Old man and his squirrel. (Photo by Instagram user @AmarisWoo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A Taiwanese-American captured this touching photo of an elderly man playing with his pet squirrel this summer near the famous "scooter waterfall" in Taipei's Datong District. 

The photographer, Amaris Woo, a 20-year-old student, took the photo on July 30 on Minquan West Road in Taipei's Datong District near the "scooter waterfall," an off ramp where hordes of scooters can be seen cascading down during rush hour. The colorful, quiet moment between the elderly gentleman and his furry friend stands in stark contrast to the collective roar of the legions of scooters spewing onto the gritty street. 

Describing the moment she took the photo, Woo said, "I was taking photos near Scooter Waterfall a few months ago and I saw this happy man with his pet squirrel. He had one of the happiest smiles that I've ever seen! When he left, the squirrel jumped onto his shoulder."

Elderly man with his pet squirrel perched on his knee. (Photo by Instagram user @AmarisWoo)