Photo of the Day: Small fries spotted in Taipei during Halloween

Kids dressed as McDonald's French fries seen trick-or-treating in Taipei's Tianmu over Halloween

Cute kids dressed as French fries for Halloween. (Photo by 周豊祐)

Cute kids dressed as French fries for Halloween. (Photo by 周豊祐)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Four Taiwanese mothers created ingenious McDonald's French fry costumes by hand to dress up seven kids for this year's annual 2018 Tianmu Halloween Party in Taipei.

The mothers spent three and a half days rolling paper to make the French fries for all seven children. The ensembles also included Heinz Tomato Ketchup candy baskets and yellow French fry wigs made from yarn.

On Oct. 27, the fry kids made their appearance in Tianmu, where they ultimately made a pilgrimage to the local McDonald's which gave them complimentary ice cream. All kids who wore costumes during the Halloween festival in Tianmu on Oct. 27 and 28 could get free ice cream at McDonald's which, like many shops in the area, was offering sweets to trick-or-treaters.

The kids enjoying ice cream in McDonald's. (Photo by 周豊祐)

Ketchup candy baskets. (Photo by 周豊祐)

Yarn French fry wigs. (Photo by 周豊祐)