Taiwan National Palace Museum gathers together Hip-hop music, fashion, and dance

The event is aimed to break the boundaries between various fields

Hip Hop Night at NPM showcased the costume with open data (image/ NPM)

Hip Hop Night at NPM showcased the costume with open data (image/ NPM)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Taiwan's National Palace Museum (NPM) and the General Association of Chinese Culture (GACC) planned the event titled Open Data Crossover Cultural Night: Hip Hop at NPM, with the activity bringing famous Taiwanese and Korean rappers to work beside young fashion designers in coming up with a marvelous performance recently in Chiayi.

Dancers wearing designed clothes (image/ Taiwan News)

The event, Open Data Crossover Cultural Night: Hip Hop at NPM, aimed to break the boundaries between art, fashion, and hip-hop culture. The designers made good use of NPM's open data as their inspiration to create a series of performance costumes for the singers and dancers.

The Hip Hop at NPM was a hybrid of a concert and a fashion show, with the collaboration of Taiwanese well-known hip-hop singers Dwagie (大支), Bear (熊仔), and Korean American Flowsik. They teamed up with Taiwanese fashion designer Daniel Wong, Bob Jian (簡國彥), JUST IN XX (周裕穎), and Jolin Wu (林果).

From left: Flowsik, Dwagie and Bear. (image/ NPM)

The models were professional dancers brought together by Chen, Yin-Tsu (陳映慈), who also choreographed the dance performance.

“National Palace Museum was distant to me before, but not anymore after the show. I have had worked with these 26 dancers, and this time we mixed up hip-hop, contemporary dance, and acrobatics based on personal expertise,” said Chen, Yin-Tsu.

Acrobatics performing (image/ Taiwan News)

Moreover, the team members of curating “Hip Hop Night at NPM” were experts from their fields, including creative director Micky Huang (黃子佼), music director Dwagie, art director Chen, Yi-Chieh (Agi), and fashion director Lu, Shu-Fen (盧淑芬) who is also ELLE Taiwan’s chef editor.

The activity took place in the South Branch of the National Palace Museum (國立故宮南院) last Saturday (Oct. 27) night. The reuse of ancient data in combination with the excellent show certainly left the crowd with a lasting impression, as thoroughly expressed by the constant cheering.

The whole night went live on the internet, attracting more than 20,000 views. After the event, the costumes will be auctioned off, with the revenue tol be donated to charity organizations.


Bob (middle) designed outfits for the host (left) and dancer Chen, Yin-Tsu (right) (image/ NPM)

The opening performance was kicked off by fashion designer Bob Jian and Dj. According to Bob, he got the inspiration from NPM’s classic work titled The Tibetan Dragon Sutras (龍藏經), and he applied the dragon pattern from the sutra’s cover on his costume using black cloth and golden liner.


Dwagie and Daniel worked together (image/ NPM)

Fashion designer Daniel Wong is famous for colorful patterns on his design. He works with Dwagie, who has brought nostalgic Taiwanese songs onto the stage.

Daniel was also inspired by The Tibetan Dragon Sutras (龍藏經) and said that he picked some symbols from the sutra to create a strong contrast with denim and dark blue fabric.


Flowsik (left 3) and Just in XX (right 3) (image/ NPM)

Fashion designer JUST IN XX worked with Korean-American rapper Flowsik. Their inspiration came from Chinese calligraphy Huaisu’s (懷素) Autobiography (自敘帖).

According to Flowsik, this is the fifth time he came to Taiwan. He was proud to be here. Furthermore, he likes the idea of bring old and new elements together.


Bear and Jolin (image/ NPM)

Illustrator and fashion designer Jolin Wu’s design adopted treasury works from Song and Qing Dynasty.