Film promoting eastern Taiwan awarded at film festival in Portugal

The three-minute film captures the beautiful landscapes and vigorous cultural activities in the east of Taiwan

(Screen capture from "East of Taiwan":

(Screen capture from "East of Taiwan":

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A short film promoting the beauty of the eastern Taiwan won the Best Asian Film award at a tourism film festival in Portugal on Oct. 26, according to Taiwan’s Tourism Bureau.

The three-minute film, titled “East of Taiwan,” was produced by the administration of the East Rift Valley National Scenic Area.

Film promoting eastern Taiwan awarded at film festival in Portugal

► The film, titled “East of Taiwan”, is awarded the Best Asian Film at the ART & TUR (Source: Tourism Bureau)

The film captures the natural landscapes along the east side of the island, including the mountain ranges and stretching coastline, along with the booming cultural activities in cities, as expressed through three narratives presented respectively by a lone backpacker, a father with his family, and a young woman traveling with her friend.

Lin Wei-ling (林維玲), director of the administration that commissioned the film, said that the film aims to present to the world the natural beauty and diverse cultural activities in eastern Taiwan and to attract different types of tourists with enticements to visit them.

Through traveling to the east, one will experience breathtaking mountains and seas, laid-back lifestyle in small towns, and fascinating aboriginal culture all in one trip, according to the bureau.

The film, directed by Liang Tsung-yu (梁宗裕), is the only Taiwanese film that won an award at this years’ ART & TUR International Tourism Film Festival, a global competition founded in 2008 and dedicated to the recognition of excellence in all audiovisual content related to the promotion of tourism.