Germany supports Taiwan participation in Interpol, WHA: envoy

Thomas Prinz says Germany supports Taiwan’s participation in the international community, within existing policy

File photo: Thomas Prinz

File photo: Thomas Prinz (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Germany's top representative to Taiwan, Thomas Prinz, said that Germany supports Taiwan's participation in Interpol and the World Health Assembly within the framework of its one-China policy, during an interview with CNA published on Oct. 28.

In the context of Chinese efforts to constrain Taiwan’s position in the international community, Prinz said that Germany reaffirms its support for Taiwan’s role in the international community, and hopes that Taiwan can contribute to international organizations. Prinz added that the situation is very complicated, and these issues are not solely decided by Germany.

Prinz went on to say that Germany and Taiwan share similar ideals, Taiwan deserves Germany’s support, and that the two will have close cooperation, despite the pressure from China, reported CNA.

The envoy said increases to economic cooperation especially in technology and energy, as well as relying on people-to-people exchanges are priorities of his time in Taiwan.

In terms of cross-strait relations, Prinz said that any measure to reduce tension will be welcomed by Germany, and described a potential conflict as leaving no winners. He went on to say that stability in the region is good for all parties, and the world has an interconnected relationship with China.

Prinz characterized the international system as based on rules, and this rules-based system is beneficial to all parties.

On the topic of transitional justice, Prinz described the process as not “revenge,” but rather, a means to promote a more harmonious society in which new conflicts can be avoided, reported CNA in a separate report.

On the topic of renewable energy, Prinz described President Tsai Ing-wen’s (蔡英文) policy of denuclearization as practical and achievable, and suggested cooperation in green energy, including offshore wind as an area for further cooperation.

Prinz took up post as Director General of the German Institute Taipei on July 30, the representative office of German interests in Taiwan in lieu of formal diplomatic ties. The German Institute is enjoying a period of deepening ties with Taiwan, as shown by appointment of Taiwanese Professor Tseng Tzu-feng (曾梓峰) as an honorary director for southern Taiwan, in a bid to deepen ties in culture, education, and technology with the region.