Taipei travelers to swipe EasyCard twice when taking bus

Change to be introduced in the middle of next year: reports

Taipei buses to change their fare payment method (photo by Lunate1759)

Taipei buses to change their fare payment method (photo by Lunate1759) (Wikimedia Commons photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taipei City is likely to put an end to the confusion about whether passengers have to swipe their EasyCard when getting on or off the bus, reports said Friday.

In contrast to the Mass Rapid Transit rail system, bus passengers only have to swipe the card once, but depending on the bus line and on the location of their stop, they have to either swipe it when boarding the vehicle or when leaving.

Digital message boards inside the bus will usually tell the passenger what to do, but the practice still often creates confusion and misunderstandings, with passengers facing accusations they are trying to evade paying the fare.

The Taipei City Government is planning to end the chaos by demanding all passengers swipe the card once when boarding and a second time when leaving, according to media reports.

The new system was likely to start operating the second half of 2019, though in the initial phase, passengers would not be penalized for forgetting to swipe twice. The two-section system, where passengers have to pay double fare for some long routes, was unlikely to change, reports said.