Taiwan VR filmmakers undertake talent exchange with French industry leaders

Kaohsiung Deputy Mayor signed a cultural exchange program after witnessing Taiwan's VR success

Audience at the festival during a VR screening

Audience at the festival during a VR screening (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Eager movie-goers have been forming long lines outside the Kaohsiung VR Film Lab—Taiwan’s only VR (virtual reality) cinema—at Kaohsiung Film Festival, which opened this week.

The festival is hosting a number of VR movie screenings, talks and exhibitions.

Acknowledging the success of Taiwan’s VR industry, Kaohsiung Deputy Mayor Shih Che (史哲) signed a talent exchange program with representative bodies in France. Taiwanese VR filmmakers are to be sent to France to learn and pick up more experience.

France is an international leader in VR production, Shih acknowledged, with world class expertise in VR technology, content creation and film screening. The French Office in Taipei has been promoting cross-border cultural and artistic exchange for years, he added, and has maintained good relations with Kaohsiung Film Archive and Kaohsiung Film Festival for a long time.

The aforementioned exchange agreement will see Taiwan-produced VR films on show at French film festivals, where they will be eligible to win big prizes.

French Office Head of Culture, Education and Science David Kibler and the director of France’s New Images film festival said they hope Kaohsiung can become a “sister city” of France’s top VR production centers.