Cleaning woman injured in deadly Taiwan train derailment may not receive compensation

Cleaning woman badly injured in deadly Puyuma Express derailment in NE Taiwan may not receive compensation as an outside contractor

Carriage damaged in derailment.

Carriage damaged in derailment. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- The family of cleaning woman badly injured in Sunday's deadly derailment of a Puyuma Express in Taiwan's Yilan County is worried that, because she works for an outside contractor, she will not qualify for the compensation being provided to passengers and employees, reported TVBS.

The 57-year-old woman, surnamed Chen (陳), who has been working for a cleaning company contracted by the Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) for 10 years, happened to be cleaning the No. 7 carriage of the ill-fated train when the derailment occurred. As the carriage tumbled during the derailment, Chen suffered broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and a tear in her liver.

Chen is still undergoing treatment in the intensive care unit (ICU) for her numerous injuries. After visiting her with their son in the ICU, Chen's husband was visibly shaken, but was thankful his wife was still alive, saying, "At least she was not in the No. 8 carriage, otherwise the situation would have been even worse!"

Both Chen's husband and son have taken a leave of absence to help care for her. Because she worked for an outsourced cleaning company, and no TRA personnel have contacted them, they fear that she is not eligible for the compensation being provided to passengers and employees who suffered injuries in the derailment. Both her husband and son are very concerned about being able to afford the astronomical medical bills that are pilling up as the result of her on-the-job injuries.