iPhone XR makes the right trade-offs for a cheaper price

NEW YORK (AP) — Apple's new iPhone XR (pronounced 10-R) is a budget choice over the top-of-the-line XS (10-S). You're trading off a high-resolution screen and a better zoom camera for a savings of at least $250.

It seems Apple made the right cost-cutting trade-offs, based on testing by The Associated Press. Many of the differences in display quality are hard to spot.

And the XR has many of the good things about the XS, including a display that extends close to the phone's edge.

As for the camera, the XR uses software zoom instead of a second lens for magnification, so there's a loss in quality. But so did the iPhone 7 and 8. Only the Plus versions had the second lens.

The XR starts selling Friday for about $750.