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Taiwan Big Lotto fans looking at record-breaking jackpot

Taiwan Big Lotto fans looking at record-breaking jackpot

The biggest jackpot in Taiwan's lottery history might appear in the issuing bank’s farewell Big Lotto draw at the end of the year! Having no top-prize winners for the last nine draws has produced a base of NT$1.05 billion for the year-end draw, and created Big Lotto frenzy all over Taiwan.

The next draw on Thursday, which is also the last Big Lotto draw for the issuing Taipei Fubon Bank, whose term of issuing the public lottery expires by the end of the year, is especially alluring after the bank's decision to put an additional NT$150 million into the purse. The Big Lotto ticket buyers are looking at a jackpot that might reach record-breaking NT$2 billion. If no one hits the jackpot on Thursday, the top-prize money will be distributed into the second, third, fourth, and fifth prizes in accordance with certain proportions and will not be carried over to the first issue by Chinatrust Commercial Bank at the beginning of next year. Chinatrust has won the exclusive right to issue public lotteries starting next year

Attracted by the jackpot that reached the NT$1 billion mark, the sales of last issue of Big Lotto tickets were more than NT$1.92 billion, the fourth highest sales for a single issue in the history of Taiwan lottery.

According to the lottery department of Taipei Fubon Bank, the jackpot takes the biggest 56 percent sharing of the purse, and the remaining 44 percent are distributed to the second through fifth prizes by certain proportions. Should there be no first or second-prize winners for Thursday's draw, the prize money would be handed over to the national coffer.

Updated : 2021-12-08 10:38 GMT+08:00