Young Taiwanese pianist Chen Kuan-wei earns award at German music competition

Chen's piano and flute duet received third place at German music competition Jugend musiziert

Pianist Chen Kuan-wei (left) and his partner, flutist Nele Schnell

Pianist Chen Kuan-wei (left) and his partner, flutist Nele Schnell (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – 18-year-old Taiwanese pianist Chen Kuan-wei (陳冠偉) received third place at Germany's national music competition for children and adolescents, "Jugend musiziert," underscoring his promising musical future.

Chen was born in Taoyuan City and spent his adolescence studying music. At the age of 16, he was admitted to Hanns Eilser Collge, one of the leading music schools in Europe, which was established in East Berlin in 1950, CNA reported.

Partnering with flutist Nele Schnell, Chen rehearsed the duet for only three days under the instruction of Taiwanese conductor Huang Chih-yin. Their performance was presented at the Usedom Music Festival on Oct.6 and won third place at Jugend musiziert.

When being asked the difference between studying piano in Germany and Taiwan, Chen told CNA that in Taiwan, he had to play as loud as he could in order to win against other opponents. After coming to Germany, he was taught to play exquisitely and to focus on every sound that was emitted.

Chen has had several successful performance experiences, and some of his awards include first prize at the International Piano Competition held in 2017 and third place at the Asia-Pacific Youth Piano Competition.