Two Taiwanese citizens under investigation for attempted marijuana import

Police seized 1445g of cannabis from an airmail package

(Image by Pixabay)

(Image by Pixabay)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — An uncle and nephew were arrested earlier today (Oct. 20) after ordering an airmail package containing cannabis flowers.

The Aviation Police Bureau seized the package upon its arrival in Taiwan. The two claimed they only ordered dumbbells online and don’t know how their order “turned into” marijuana on its journey.

The Aviation Police Bureau said this evening the air traffic safety inspection team and Taiwan Customs seized four bags of cannabis, weighing a total of 1445 grams.

The incident was immediately reported to Taoyuan District Prosecutor’s Office. After information was cleared, police were sent to the Shalu District (沙鹿區) of Taichung city in central Taiwan. The two men were ambushed at their home and arrested on site.

Police said the culprits were an uncle and nephew aged 36 and 17. Upon arrest, they claimed they purchased dumbbells online for NT$1800 and do not know why they were receiving cannabis.

After investigation, the two were transferred separately to Taoyuan District Prosecutor’s Office and the city’s juvenile court for violating drug hazard prevention laws. Police will continue to expand the investigation.