Man in drug-fueled rage decapitates mother, hurls head off 12-story building in northern Taiwan

Man high on amphetamines decapitates mother, tosses head off 12-story apartment in northern Taiwan's Taoyuan City

Left photo of crime scene from Taoyuan police, right image of Lin from Facebook.

Left photo of crime scene from Taoyuan police, right image of Lin from Facebook.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- In an apparent drug-fueled rage, a man decapitated his mother and tossed her head off the roof of their 12-story apartment in northern Taiwan's Taoyuan City last night (Oct. 18).

At 7:17 p.m. last night, police received a report of a severed head lying next to an apartment building on Luguang 6th Street in Taoyuan City's Zhongli District, reported NowNews. When police arrived on the scene, they discovered that during an argument a 33-year-old unemployed man surnamed Liang (歲) had decapitated his mother with a kitchen knife and threw her head from the 12th story of their apartment down to the courtyard below, horrifying neighbors, who alerted police, according to the report.

When police tried to enter the apartment, Liang, who was in a highly agitated state, refused to open the door, leading to a standoff. Once firefighters were able to crack the door open at 8:45 p.m., police poured into the the room, doused Liang with pepper spray, and beat him into submission with telescopic batons.

Bloodstained floor of apartment. (CNA image)

Upon entering the home, police encountered blood splattered across the floor and the headless body of a woman, who they soon identified as Liang's mother, reported ETtoday. A neighbor told the news agency that he had been walking his dog below when he heard a loud argument between the mother and son, which was followed by large crashing sounds, and then to his shock, the woman's head was sent hurtling to the ground.

During the scuffle with police, Liang suffered a wound to his left leg, but because of his agitated state, paramedics were unable to treat him. After being restrained, police escorted him in the ambulance to Taoyuan General Hospital, where his blood alcohol level was found to be zero, according to CNA.

However, after police subjected Liang to a urine test, the sample tested positive for amphetamines, reported China Times. Liang had previously tested positive for ketamine when arrested by police in a motel in 2013, but because it is a third-class drug, he was only given a fine, while the drug trafficker who gave him the drug, surnamed Lin (林) was sentenced to two months in prison, according to the report.

Blood where head had landed. (Taoyuan Police image)

When police raided the motel in 2013, they encountered three people (including Liang), three ketamine cigarettes, and bag of ketamine powder. Police found that Lin placed three ketamine cigarettes on the table, which he said were free for those in the room to consume.

After restraining him last night, police took Liang in for questioning at the Zhongli Precinct station. However, due to his unstable mental condition, he was later sent to a psychiatric hospital for treatment. This morning, police transferred him to the Taoyuan Prosecutor's Office on under the charge of matricide, for which he could face the death penalty or life in prison.

Last night, police found two kitchen knives and a watermelon knife covered in blood. At 10:00 a.m. this morning, police found a fourth bloodstained blade lying on the ground, which appeared to be a machete, and collected it for evidence, reported UDN.

Location where head had landed. (CNA image)

Ground floor entrance to apartment complex. (CNA image)

Police gathering evidence where head had landed. (Taoyuan Police image)