Taiwan's 'Power Lottery' jackpot swells to a whopping NT$900 million

Taiwan's 'Power Lottery' jackpot has now climbed to NT$900 million

(Taiwan News photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- With a jackpot now having reached over NT$918,048,943 million (US$29,629,877), the winning numbers for Taiwan's "Power Lottery" (威力彩) in order of appearance in the first section are 35, 32, 20, 04, 12, and 36 , while the winning number in the second section was 01, announced Taiwan Lottery yesterday (Oct. 18).

The Power Lottery has now gone 42 weeks in a row without a winner, breaking the record of 40 weeks set in 2015. If one person wins the prize, they will set a record for the highest single payout this year.

Meanwhile, the jackpot for the Taiwan Grand Lottery (大樂透) has reached NT$100,000,000 and the winning numbers in the first section are 46, 01, 39, 49, 24 and 40, and the special number is 33. The jackpot for the Grand Fortune Lottery (大福彩) has reached NT$106,003,745. The winning numbers in the first section are 23, 31, 27, 10, 21, 16 and 40, with the special number being 38.