Four 13-year-old girls lured into Taipei hotel orgy with promise of ketamine

Four 13-year-old girls lured into a sex party at a Taipei hotel with the promise of free ketamine cigarettes

(Image from Pinterest)

(Image from Pinterest)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Taipei police recently busted a sex party in which four 13-year-old female minors had been lured into participating in after allegedly being promised free ketamine cigarettes by a 17-year-old male they met online, reported Apple Daily.

Police were notified of a suspected drug abuser in a hotel in Taipei and when they arrived on the scene the occupants refused to open the door. After a 10-minute standoff, police finally entered the room, where no drugs were found and the occupants were fully dressed, but two used condoms were spotted in the trashcan.

Inside the room, police encountered two 20-year-old adult males, one 17-year-old male and four 13-year-old females. After taking the seven in for questioning, police found that the four young women were middle school students.

One of the female minors, identified by the nickname Xiao Wen (小雯), had recently met a 17-year-old male surnamed Wang (王) through an online dating platform. Wang, who works in catering, hinted that he could provide her with free ketamine cigarettes if she would join in his sex party.

Xiao Wang told her three 13-year-old female friends of the ketamine offer and the all apparently agreed. The seven then arranged to meet at a hotel near a Taipei MRT station, however, Wang did not produce the ketamine cigarettes as promised.

After a brief argument ensued, two of the women were then coerced by Wang into engaging in sex with the two adult men. Because there were seven people coming in and out of the hotel room who did not seem related, staff became suspicious and alerted the police.

Although no drugs were found on the scene, because the two 20-year-old men had engaged in sex with two of the minors, they will be charged with violating the Child and Youth Sexual Exploitation Prevention Act (兒童及少年性剝削防制條例). What surprised the police more was that Xiao Wen said it was not her first time to take part in a sex party.

After an initial investigation, police found the the four minors were currently in their first year of middle school and but had known each other since elementary school. After meeting Wang through a dating app, Xiao Wen and Wang exchanged WeChat accounts and started chatting online regularly and discussed plans for going out on a date.

One day, Wang told Xiao Wen that he could give her free ketamine cigarettes, but that she would need to find some friends to join her in going to a party, and he hinted that the party would include engaging in sex. Xiao Wen was curious and having participated in similar sex parties that involved drugs with her friends before, she agreed.

After being questioned by police, the two 20-year-old men admitted to having sex with a female identified by the nickname Xiao Min (小敏) and another female identified by the nickname Xiao Lan (小蘭). Because Wang was underage and did not engage in sex with the young women, he is only considered a witness, but the two men will be charged with violating the Child and Youth Sexual Exploitation Prevention Act.

As one of the young women mentioned she had been lured into engaging in sex with the promise of ketamine, all seven participants were required by police to submit urine samples to test for the presence of drugs in their system. The results of the urine tests have yet to be made public.