Forestry Bureau promotes four choice hiking trails at Taiwan Outdoor Show

Hiking trails in four Taiwan regions being touted as “choice trails rich in natural resources and indigenous cultural landscapes”

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) —Taiwan’s Forestry Bureau will be promoting four hiking trails in four areas across Taiwan, touting them as “choice trails rich in natural resources and indigenous cultural landscapes” at Booth I830 during the Taiwan Outdoor Show, which runs from Oct. 18 to Oct. 21 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall, according to a press release posted by the agency.

The four trails are located in Yilan County’s Nan’ao Township, Taichung City’s Kukuan, Chiayi County’s Alishan, and Taitung County’s Changbin Township.

Nan’ao Historic Trail in Nan’ao

Nan’ao area is blessed with diverse geological landscapes, including beaches, plains, rivers, and forests. Nan’ao Historic Trail (南澳古道) is part of a trail network through the area on which the Atayal people migrated several hundred years ago.

Sihkeba Trail in Kukuan

Among the many trails in the Kukuan area, the Forestry Bureau especially recommends Sihkeba Trail (斯可巴步道), which was used by Atayal ancestors for hunting and traveling to and from the Nantou area. The Taiwan red pine flanking the trail is one of its biggest attractions. Besides rich ecological resources, the area also retains Atayal culture and the vestiges of forestry development under the Japanese rule.

A view from Sihkeba Trail (photo courtesy of Forestry Bureau)

Limei Refuge Trail in Alishan

Limei Refuge Trail (里美避難步道) is located in Lijia village, the most remote Tsou tribal community in Alishan. The region and its people are famous for hosting clear blue skies in the daytime and deep blue starry skies at night, hence it’s called “the blue tribe.” Here visitors can also taste Alishan tea and coffee.

A view from Limei Refuge Trail (photo courtesy of Forestry Bureau)

Antong Traversing Trail in Changbin

Antong Traversing Trail (安通越嶺古道) connects the East Rift Valley and the East Coast. The trail was once a key route for the Amis, who often traveled between the two areas. Starting from Changbin in Taitung County, the trail goes across the Coastal Range to reach Antong Hot Spring in the East Rift Valley. The tree-shaded trail offers an opportunity to view the relics of the terraced farms cultivated by ancestors, the vast Pacific Ocean, and Changbin Harbor at the first look-out platform.

Here, visitors will be able to experience the wonderful scenery of the East Coast and the charm of its coastal primitive forests.