Photo of the Day: Rainy Taipei looking like 'Blade Runner'

Nighttime photos of Taipei in the rain looking like scenes from original film 'Blade Runner'

(Photos by Eric Khun)

(Photos by Eric Khun)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A French engineer currently living in Taiwan recently captured these haunting images of Taipei in the rain looking very much like scenes from the 80s science fiction thriller "Blade Runner."

The photographer, Eric Khun, 28, is a new resident of Taiwan thanks to the "Employment Gold Card" program. Khun says that he works as an engineer for a startup based in San Francisco.

Khun says Taipei is definitely the perfect scene to replicate the atmosphere of the film "Blade Runner," and he feels these photos well-exemplify this. The neon-lit, polluted, rain-soaked, dystopian vision of Los Angeles was set in 2019, and in 2018, Taipei does not seem to be too far off from director Ridley Scott's vision, minus the flying cars.

In order, from top to bottom, Khun says the photos seen below were taken in the following locations and dates: Taipei City Hall (Sept. 15), Ximen MRT (Sept. 7), Ximen (Sept. 7), and the Tonghua Night Market (Oct. 6).

(Photos by Eric Khun)

More of Khun's futuristic photos nighttime photos of Taipei can be found on his Instagram page. Khun says that he is also working on a side blockchain project called NodaBlock.

Those wishing to apply for the new Employment Gold Card can do so by visiting the official Foreign Professionals Online Application Platform.