Taiwan’s most misspelled English words according to Lingvist

Education firm says Taiwan’s most misspelled English word is only four letters long

(Image from Max Pixel)

(Image from Max Pixel)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – According to language learning service Lingvist, two of Taiwan’s three most misspelled words are four letters long, and end with the letter “m."

“Calm," “modern," and “form” are the three most misspelled English words by Lingvist Taiwan users from July 2017 to June 2018, reported United Daily News.

Manager of Lingvist Asia, Yang Yu-Chun (楊育淳), said the three spelling mistakes are examples of the most common errors by English learners, where correct spelling is unclear due to ambiguous pronunciation, reported UDN.

Yang went on to say that the majority of Lingvist Taiwan users study English for practical reasons, such as further study or employment, and the style of study focuses on passing exams, or to improve application of business English.

Lingvist has over 2 million users worldwide, and the platform uses big data and statistical analysis to help improve efficiency of learning through adaptive tailoring of its curriculum.

Globally, the most misspelled English word by Lingvist users was “address," often spelled “adress."