Taiwan environmental agency commends restaurants for reducing food waste

EPA Departmental Director-General says annual food waste amounts to 60 Taipei 101 buildings

(Photo courtesy of EPA)

(Photo courtesy of EPA)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — In a ceremony to mark World Food Day on Oct. 16, Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) commended four dozen restaurants and catering services for their efforts to reduce food waste.

Forty-three restaurants and four catering services were lauded in the ceremony held at Chinese Culture University in Taipei to recognize practitioners of food waste reduction across the country.

EPA Department of Comprehensive Planning Director-General Liu Tsung-yung (劉宗勇) said food waste produced across Taiwan every year amounts to the volume of 60 Taipei 101 buildings. Therefore, it’s a pressing issue that calls for the public to pull together and think more sustainably, he added.

EPA said it has been promoting the concept of food waste reduction and hopes to see the food service industry, including food growers, suppliers, restaurants, and stores, take measures to reduce food waste for a more sustainable future.

(Photo courtesy of EPA)