4 Thai prostitutes arrested in northern Taiwan, John cries foul over fake bra size

4 Thai sex workers arrested in northern Taiwan, John complains to cops about false advertising of woman's breast size

Ad claiming woman had "D-cup" breasts. (Image from LINE)

Ad claiming woman had "D-cup" breasts. (Image from LINE)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Police raided an apartment in the northern Taiwan city of Keelung, where they nabbed four Thai prostitutes and two Taiwanese customers, one of whom complained that he had been duped by false advertising about the sex worker's breast size, reported Apple Daily.

On Sunday evening (Oct. 14) at 8 p.m., as part of crackdown on so-called "One-woman brothels" (一樓一鳳, One Building One Phoenix) an investigation team from the First Precinct of the Keelung City Police Bureau raided an apartment on Rener Road in Keelung City. Once inside, police found a total of six people, including four Thai prostitutes and two male customers.

Police said that when they arrived on the scene, one of the Thai women had apparently just finished having sex with her customer and the money was found still lying on the table. Incredibly, the customer then shamelessly complained to police that the online advertisement claimed the woman had D-cup breasts, however, he discovered that she in fact only had A-cup breasts.

Nevertheless, the Thai woman's smaller breast size apparently did not hinder the man from engaging in sex with her.

Police said they had discovered that the sex trafficking ring had started to rent private apartments in the city in an effort to avoid detection by authorities. The ring used the internet and social media apps to make sensational advertisements such as "Off the charts [breast] size" and "Make your own adult videos" to drum up business.

Photo of one of the suites. (Keelung Police image)

When police entered the apartment, they found the four Thai women were scattered into separate suites. The women in three of which refused to unlock the doors and police had to use crowbars to pry them open.

Of the three women apprehended in the locked suites, two had also just completed transactions with their clients, who were in their 30s. Each customer paid NT$2,500 (US$81) for a 50-minute session, with NT$1,500 going to an intermediary and NT$1,000 going to the prostitute.

An initial police investigation found that all four Thai women had been engaging in private prostitution and were all in their early 20s. They had all come to Taiwan between late September and early October ostensibly for "sightseeing" on the visa waiver program Taiwan has with Thailand.

If the Thai women could not afford to purchase a plane ticket to Taiwan, an intermediary would lend them NT$15,000, which they would pay back through their earnings in the sex trade. If a woman stays in Taiwan for five days, once the cost of the airfare is taken into account and a share of her earnings have been taken by the intermediary, she may only end up with NT$1,000 in profits.

All six were charged with violating Social Order Maintenance Act (社會秩序維護法), for which they each will be fined NT$1,500.