Golden Pin Design Award Forum comes to Taiwan

Kashiwa Sato is one of several world-renowned designers to give an address at the forum

Clockwise from top left: Ad van Berlo, Edmond Bakos, Lulu Hsia, Chris Lee, Kashiwa Sato, Chiyi Chang (Image from Golden Pin Design Award website)

Clockwise from top left: Ad van Berlo, Edmond Bakos, Lulu Hsia, Chris Lee, Kashiwa Sato, Chiyi Chang (Image from Golden Pin Design Award website)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The 2018 Golden Point Design Forum is coming to Taiwan on Nov. 11.

The event will be held in the multi-purpose exhibition hall of Taipei’s Songshan Cultural & Creative Park, showcasing this year’s theme: Design. Responsibility. Multiple famous designers from around the world have been invited to attend and discuss the social responsibilities of the design community, in line with the Golden Pin Award's 2018 motif.

For the first time ever, world-leading creative director Kashiwa Sato (responsible for the global branding strategies of huge names including Uniqlo and Seven Eleven) has been invited to give a talk at the event.

Joining him is Dutch designer Ad van Berlo (of VanBerlo), American managing director of CHAMPALIMAUD, Edmond Bakos, Chris Lee of famous Singapore design studio Asylum, as well as four other world-leading design artists.

Sato will discuss his donut-shaped Fuji Kindergarten, explaining how he used the power of design to transform an entire school into a playground. The architectural phenomenon now encourages local children to enjoy going to school. Sato also helped the kindergarten resolve its issues with aging facilities and recruiting new students.

Ad van Berlo, a prominent figure in the European design world, will be discussing the topic of creative rights. The professor and design agency founder will explain how creative modular research design can contribute to society.

American designer with over 25 years of experience working with five-star hotels and upscale restaurants, Edmund Bakos, will discuss the topic of “designers as cultural anthropologists” and explain how designs become tangible spatial experiences for interpreting human values.

Chris Lee, who founded Singapore’s Asylum design studio, has won Designer of the Year award in his home country and more than 100 creative awards internationally. Working in the field of interior design, interactive design and product branding, Lee’s creations lean on the more unconventional side. His topic of choice is “Connecting the future with the past,” a look at how cross-domain design and innovation can bring history and the modern world together.

In addition, the 2018 Golden Pin Design Forum will announce the winners of this year’s Best Designer award and Golden Pin Concept Design Award on the day. Early bird tickets for the event are available now until Oct. 31.

More details including ticket availability and registration can be found here.

Updated : 2021-01-24 23:18 GMT+08:00