Taiwan to stage concerts celebrating ethnic music starting Oct. 19

The music fest pays homage to Hakka and Taiwan’s indigenous music cultures

(Photo Credit: Taiwan Music Institute)

(Photo Credit: Taiwan Music Institute)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A series of performances celebrating the diverse music and cultures of Taiwan’s Hakka and indigenous groups will be held at the Taiwan Traditional Theater Center (台灣戲曲中心) starting Oct. 19, reports said.

Organized by Taiwan Music Institute (台灣音樂館), the event titled “Sounds from Across Generations” (世代之聲) will feature six concerts, the first of which will be a tribute to late Hakkanese composer Shen Chin-tang (沈錦堂) staged by the Taipei Philharmonic Orchestra, reported Liberty Times.

The other five concerts to take place between Oct. 20 and Dec. 22 highlight performances presented by the Hecheng (和成) and Meinong (美濃) Hakka Bayin music troupes, as well as Atayal dances, the Bunun tribe's harvest song “Pasibutbut," crossover music spotlighting pop songs and Hakka folk songs, and a musical introducing the legends of Paiwan people presented by the Milingan Music Theater (米靈岸音樂劇場).

The Taiwan Music Institute has endeavored to discover Taiwan’s music potential across the spectrum of the country’s ethnic groups through the organization of programs enlisting the help of senior aboriginals. The Institute has hosted nine similar concerts since the program was launched last October, wrote LTN.

More concert information can be found on the Taiwan Music Institute Facebook page.

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