Nomad Festival Taiwan attracts 5 times more people this year

Famous indie rock bands performed classic songs to entertain fans

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Nomad Festival 2018 kicked off in Puli, Nantou yesterday (Oct. 13), hosting all kinds of events including live music, a barista contest, a circus, and a food market.

Music lovers have been invited to camp inside the National Chi Nan University campus (暨南大學). Colorful tents began to appear on the green fields early this morning.

National Chi Nan University (Image by Taiwan News/ Lyla Liu)

Nomad Festival Taiwan, which started in 2016, is to be a biennial event. This year attracted a much larger crowd of 10,000 people than the first event, which brought in 2000 music lovers, according to festival organizers.

Popular Taiwanese singer Queen performing (Image bt Taiwan News/ Lyla Liu)

The lineup is certainly nothing to blink at, with indie rock bands famous throughout Taiwan, such as Queen (魏如昀), Egg Plant Egg (茄子蛋), Fire Ex. (滅火器), Tolaku (拖拉庫) and No Party for Cao Dong (草東沒有派對) all in attendance. Fans are preparing for their second today of entertainment today after last night's powerful performances.

Among all of the acts, Tolaku has the longest performing history, originally forming 22 years ago. They performed classic songs such as "I Love Summer" (我愛夏天), "Your Phone Call" (你的電話) and "Eat Shit" (甲賽) that evoked nostalgia among dedicated fans, and demonstrated their classic Taiwanese rocker spirit with humorous lyrics.

Tolaku performed "We Will Rock You" (video by Tolaku)

Additionally, there were hot air balloon shows, a barista competition, circus performances, and a food market yesterday. This year's sponsor, VOLVO, also hosted a number of activities.

The festival will conclude on Oct. 14, with the next edition being held in 2020. Those interested can visit the official website or Facebook page for more information.

People lining up for sweet 'n' sour palm juice (Image by Taiwan News/ Lyla Liu)

Hot air ballon show (Image by Taiwan News/ Lyla Liu)

(Image by Nomad Festival)

Volvo store (Image by Taiwan News/ Lyla Liu)