3 Taiwanese arrested for alleged US$1.2m scam posing as Chinese police in Singapore

Taiwanese trio arrested for allegedly extorting money posed as Chinese police

(Image from Max Pixel)

(Image from Max Pixel)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Three Taiwanese men were arrested for suspected involvement in a scam where they posed as Chinese officials and extorted around US$1.2 million (NT$37.09 million) from a man in Singapore.

A 34 year old Singaporean man received an unannounced call on Oct. 9, when he was told he was was linked to an alleged transnational fraud by someone posing as member of China’s police, reports said.

As per instructions outlined during the call, the victim handed over around US$668,000 in cash to a man believed to be linked to Interpol. The victim then transferred an additional US$580,000 the following day, according to the Straits Times of Singapore.

Singapore’s Commercial Affairs Department said they believe the accused are linked to other impersonations of Chinese officials, and during a search they found what they believe are proceeds from criminal activity.

All three men are reportedly aged between 24 and 26 years old.

The Taiwanese trio will appear in court on Oct. 13, and could be jailed for up to five years, according to Channel 8 News of Singapore.

In response to the incident, Singaporean authorities have advised the public to be weary of unsolicited calls demanding money.