Taiwan tests drone for difficult mail delivery

Test delivery of tea and coffee takes flight in rural area of Tainan

(Image from Max Pixel)

(Image from Max Pixel)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan’s National Development Council (NDC, 國家發展委員會) has begun to test drones as a form of mail delivery, with a parcel of tea and coffee sent 3 kilometers as the crow flies on Oct. 11.

If all goes well, drone deliveries could be rolled out to rural areas as soon as next year, reports suggest.

The NDC commissioned consultancy Nomura Research Institute of Taiwan to devise an innovative method to deliver mail, and Zuozhen District (左鎮區) of Tainan City (臺南市) was chosen to play host, NDC said in a statement.

Zuozhen District was chosen because its low population makes mail delivery inconvenient and costly. The local post office has only two workers, and no provisions to deliver mail.

The delivery was made from Aurora Villa (晨曦山莊) to Zuozhen District Post Office, addressed to the Minister of the National Development Council, Chen Mei-ling (陳美伶). The package is en route to Chen in Taipei via traditional means.

The NDC said technology is rapidly developing, and drones may be assisted in the future by artificial intelligence and big data. Over time, and through use of these technologies, the optimal flight path in terms of efficiency and least impact on the environment can be implemented.