More than 30 Taiwanese medical staff captured in photos rushing to save a newborn

The deeply moving story was shared by a Taiwanese obstetrician

(Photo by FB Shih Jin-Chung)

(Photo by FB Shih Jin-Chung)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Numerous netizens were driven to tears when they saw a Facebook post by an NTUH doctor on Oct. 12 which revealed photos in which 30 to 40 medical staff were seen gathering in an operating room with just one purpose – to save the lives of newborn twins, one of whom is believed to have unfortunately died despite the effort.

The story was posted by Dr. Shih Jin-Chung from (施景中) from Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology of National Taiwan University Hospital, who often shares his observations and touching stories of patients on the social networking platform.

In the photos, dozens of surgeons, nurses, and medical technicians were seen standing beside an operating table in a crowded operating room. Some were busy attending to the patient, while others were engaged in vigorous discussions in a desperate endeavor to save the babies. The doctor refused to provide more details about the conditions regarding the newborns.

In the post Shih wrote:

We have done our best. More than 30 staff have done everything they can to save one child to no avail. Most of them voluntarily came to help asking nothing in return because it is our job to save lives. I’d like to thank the family of the newborns for their support and trust while acknowledging that chances are slim.

Shih’s post has since been inundated with likes and comments of praise.

“I was completely shocked…thank you for your effort.”

“What a bunch of great people.”

“Thank you for your selfless devotion to duty.”

“You’ve let us know that love is everywhere.”

“This is the most beautiful scene in Taiwan.”

“You’re the true pride of Taiwan.”

(Photo by FB Shih Jin-Chung)