Man likely got 'brain-eating amoeba' at Texas resort

WACO, Texas (AP) — Health officials say a New Jersey man who died from a rare "brain-eating amoeba " was likely exposed to it during his visit to a Texas water resort last month.

The Waco-McLennan County Public Health District said Friday that testing done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found evidence of the amoeba at one of the four attractions at the BSR Cable Park and Surf Resort in Waco, and conditions favorable for its growth at the other three.

Health officials say the amoeba was found at the attraction that's a natural body of water, but it'll remain open because risk of exposure is considered the same as at any natural body of water. But officials say the other three attractions won't reopen until "all health and safety issues" are addressed.

Fabrizio Stabile died Sept. 21 after contracting the deadly amoeba.