Taiwan investigates Navy officer for leaking secrets

Military intelligence data were found copied to his computer at home

A Taiwanese Navy frigate.

A Taiwanese Navy frigate. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Investigators raided military installations and private homes Friday looking for evidence about a Navy officer suspected of leaking confidential military information.

The officer, surnamed Hung (洪), had initially been a suspect for a completely different case, but the investigation took a different turn when military secrets were found on his computer, the Liberty Times reported.

The man served from January 7, 2011 until July 30 this year on the French-made Chengde frigate, where he was in charge of information system maintenance.

During a search of his Kaohsiung home last January, investigators found a hard drive which contained numerous confidential military data apparently copied from computers on board the frigate, according to prosecutors.

As a result, they were treating the issue as a case of violations against the National Security Act and the National Secret Protection Act, the Liberty Times reported.

At 8 a.m. Friday, Kaohsiung investigators and military police raided Hung’s new job site at the Zuoying naval base, as well as the Chengde frigate, his family home in Chiayi County and his present home in Kaohsiung. They took away cellphones, credit cards and computers, according to the Liberty Times.