20-year-old Taiwanese wins ‘Gosei’ competition after beating legendary Japanese Go player

Seven-dan Hsu Chia-yuan became a professional Go player in 2013

Taiwanese Go player Hsu Chia-yuan (Source: CNA)

Taiwanese Go player Hsu Chia-yuan (Source: CNA)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A 20-year-old Taiwanese won the ‘Gosei’ competition after beating legendary Go player Yuta Iyama with a 3-0 victory and ended the reigning champ's supremacy that had lasted for seven consecutive years.

Seven-dan Hsu Chia-yuan (許家元), who became a professional Go player in 2013, broke the record as he won the Gosei competition with a career period of a little more than five years, reported the United Daily News.

Taking up the trophy at a ceremony held on Friday morning in Tokyo, Japan, Hsu said defeating Iyama has given him considerable confidence and that he hopes to continue to challenge Iyama for other competition titles. Iyama is the first player in Japanese history to ever hold all seven major titles simultaneously.

Hsu is also the third youngest professional Go player in history to win one of the seven titles in Japan. Born in Taipei, Hsu began to play Go at the age of four or five with his elder brother, reports said. Now, he is seen by the Japanese media as one of the rising Go players in Japan.