China will soon issue Chinese ID documents to Taiwanese citizens: academic

The move fits in with Beijing's ideology: NTNU political scientist Fan Shih-ping

A Chinese passport.

A Chinese passport. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - A Taiwanese academic warned Friday that the new Chinese residence card for Taiwanese citizens was only a temporary measure which would lead to the direct issuing of Chinese ID documents.

The government has recently been pondering how to react to the communist government’s move to issue the residence cards, seeing it as underlining Beijing’s claims that Taiwan is only a Chinese province and not a separate sovereign nation.

At a seminar Friday, National Taiwan Normal University political scientist Fan Shih-ping (范世平) predicted that China would eventually abolish separate documents for Taiwanese citizens and issue them directly with People’s Republic of China identity documents, the Liberty Times reported. He also expected this transition to happen fairly quickly.

Fan said the Chinese government campaign to issue residence cards had not been a success, mainly to fears by the Taiwanese that they would be linked up to China’s social credit system, which might prevent them from buying airplane tickets if they scored low marks.

Recent incidents such as the temporary disappearance of movie star Fan Bingbing due to alleged tax evasion and of Interpol chief Meng Hongwei only increased distrust in China’s official measures, the Liberty Times quoted Fan as saying.

An eventual issuance of Chinese IDs to Taiwanese would not be a surprise, since it would comply with Beijing’s policy of seeing Taiwan as a domestic issue, the academics concluded.