Taiwan should seize the opportunity to earn international recognition in new global order: former U.S. top official

Stephen Yates calls upon Taiwan to engage significantly with influential countries

 Stephen Yates (Photo by CNA)

Stephen Yates (Photo by CNA)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) –The seismic change in world politics involving a potential full-blown confrontation between the U.S. and China, as well as a shift away from globalism, has presented a unique opportunity for Taiwan to push ahead with its UN agenda, urged Stephen Yates, former Deputy National Security Adviser to then-U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney.

In a commentary titled “Taiwan's Unique UN Opportunity” on Do Post, Yates noted that the world is seeing a trend away from globalism and “a return to state sovereignty and national patriotism,” which positions Taiwan in a challenging position as it endeavors to earn international recognition.

Taiwan is advised to take into consideration two things while seeking membership in the UN, said Yates.

First, Taiwan would be wise to learn from the strategy employed by U.S. President Donald Trump when engaging countries, favoring “independence and cooperation” instead of “global governance, control, and domination.”

Second, Taiwan must work to make meaningful progress with nations of consequence on the world stage in terms of diplomatic relations. Though the approach seems farfetched, Yates believes it has become more possible now than at any time since the founding member Republic of China (aka Taiwan) withdrew from the UN in 1971.

As countries around the world are growing wary of China and embracing a new definition of independence, Taiwan should seize the opportunity to make breakthroughs through vigorous pursuit of bilateral agreements and “more formal recognition by influential nations," Yates argued.