Illegal racer shows no remorse after killing 3 in yesterday's crash in Taipei

Unlicensed driver says he's a 'bad boy' after his car crashed into a sidewalk killing 3 in Taipei yesterday

Hsieh. (Image from Hsieh's Facebook page)

Hsieh. (Image from Hsieh's Facebook page)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- An unlicensed driver who smashed his car into a Taipei sidewalk killing three people last night, showed no remorse for his actions and bragged about being in a gang.

The driver, 21-year-old Hsieh Ya-hsuan (謝亞軒), while racing his rented black Toyota against his friend in a white car surnamed Huang (黃), suddenly lost control of the vehicle, smashing into a sidewalk on Nanjing East Road section 4, killing three pedestrians, at around 5 p.m. yesterday. The three killed included a 66-year-old driver of a truck and his 64-year-old wife, who were loading recycling together, and a 64-year-old security guard standing nearby them.

When Hsieh was taken in by police for questioning, rather than showing remorse for the death of three people, he demonstrated a sullen attitude and told police "I am a bad boy" and "I am a member of the Zhongshan Alliance [中山聯盟]," reported Liberty Times. However, despite his lengthy criminal record, police this morning denied that Hsieh was a known member of the gang, reported Apple Daily.

Site of last night's deadly crash. (CNA image)

According to local media reports, Hsieh formally worked as a night club promoter, but is currently unemployed. He already has a long criminal record including drug offenses, assault, DUI, public endangerment, among other crimes.

Hsieh had already committed a number of crimes in his teenage years, but his criminal record from that period was closed when he turned 18 and police did not retain his files. At the scene of the accident, Hsieh passed an alcohol test, but he also had a record of traffic violations.

Site of last night's deadly crash. (CNA image)

After Hsieh's Facebook page was uncovered, many angry netizens denounced him by calling him "garbage" and "an animal." Many other angry comments soon flooded in:

"You must face retribution."

"Do you have a conscience?"

"Even without the death penalty, you will carry these three lives on your back all your life."

"Is driving without a license fun?"

"Oh my God, do you know you've killed three people?"

Though such a case would normally be considered manslaughter, because he was driving without a license and killed three people, prosecutors are charging him with murder. Prosecutors are charging his friend Huang, who also drove without a license, and the two men who lent them vehicles, surnamed Chao (趙) and Lu (呂), as accomplices to the murder.

Hsieh. (Image from Hsieh's Facebook page)

Site of last night's deadly crash. (CNA image)