Medical experts convene first ever Taiwan-Japan regenerative medicine exchange

A number of medical professionals and industry experts from both countries were present

Industry experts convene at Bio Japan 2018

Industry experts convene at Bio Japan 2018 (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — “Bio Japan 2018”, the first exchange meeting between Taiwan and Japan in the field of regenerative medicine was held on Oct. 11.

CEO of the Foundation of Medical Professionals Alliance in Taiwan Lin Shih-chia (林世嘉) expressed optimism at the role Taiwan will play in the future of regenerative medicine: “Regenerative medicine is likely to develop into a considerably important industry chain in the future, much like semiconductor process equipment”. Lin commented that with Japan’s excellent research skills and Taiwan’s clinical strength and medical expertise, their partnership will lead to flourishing results.

Japan’s regenerative medicine industry is the fastest-growing in Asia. Observing Japan’s success, Taiwan adopted two laws in September that made it the second country in the world to legally specialize in the regulation of regenerative medicine technology and products.

Lin further noted how Japan and Taiwan have engaged in exchanges for a long time, and commended the talents of Taiwan’s medical professionals. Great things from this partnership are just around the corner, she added.

There are finished products currently in exchange, including one for treating esophageal tissue damage, born of a collaborative effort between Japan’s CellSeed Inc. and Taiwan’s MetaTech in April 2017. Another, focusing on knee cartilage repair, will be available after passing special regulations.

Japanese medical experts have been invited to Taiwan for talks many times in the past, but this is the first time professionals from both countries have convened over regenerative medicine technology, Lin commented. It offers an important platform for industry and executive departments from both governments to engage in dialogue. The foundation CEO expressed hope that such exchanges could become more commonplace in the future.

The attendees of the exchange included a number of government officials, university medical experts, and industry executives from Japan, including the president of CellSeed. Representing Taiwan were a number of doctors, lawyers, and research experts in the field of regenerative medicine.