Taiwan National Day promoted in French newspaper

An article was taken out by the Taiwanese Bureau in newspaper La Croix to promote Taiwan

An article promoting Taiwan in French newspaper La Croix

An article promoting Taiwan in French newspaper La Croix (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Taipei Representative Office in France published an article in daily newspaper La Croix yesterday to celebrate National Day and promote Taiwan to readers.

Media reports detail the article was published in La Croix’s economy edition and features images of Taipei’s 101 tower, the MRT, Xiaolong bao soup dumplings (小籠包) and a cluster of happy-looking people representing Taiwan’s diverse population.

The piece points out that Taiwan is one of the most welcoming countries in the world, home to 23 million people, with a serious respect for the values of freedom and democracy as well as human rights and international law.

Also advertised are Taiwan’s bustling night markets, historical sites, stunning national parks, and diverse coastal areas that are particularly popular among tourists.

The article depicts Taiwan as a modern and developed country that offers a high quality of life and some of the best medical care in the world. It suggests in terms of personal well-being, safety, infrastructure and entertainment facilities, Taiwan ranks among the best, making it an exceptional destination for international travelers and migrants.

The reason many people choose to move to Taiwan, the article notes, is due to the ardent generosity and respect for equality, multiculturalism, religious freedom, and human dignity that is innate to the Taiwanese people. Towards the end of the piece, it suggests National Day is the perfect opportunity to more deeply understand Taiwan and begin to fall in love with the nation.

Founded in 1883, La Croix is a politically-neutral, Roman-Catholic newspaper with a circulation of over 90,000 per day.