Taiwan Premier encourages public to get flu vaccination ahead of winter

William Lai calls on young and old to participate in government vaccination efforts to protect both themselves and society

Taiwan's Premier William Lai

Taiwan's Premier William Lai (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan Premier William Lai (賴清德) called for the public to participate in the government’s influenza vaccination program ahead of winter to help protect public health, during a meeting at the Executive Yuan (行政院) today, reported CNA.

Lai singled out Taiwanese citizens over 50 years of age, and children who have not yet entered school as groups who should cooperate with government immunization efforts.

On Oct. 11, the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MHW, 衛生福利部) reported on its influenza immunization program to the Executive Yuan. MHW said they have purchased the vaccine recommended by the World Health Organization, and this year’s program will run similarly to last year.

The MHW has ordered approximately 6 million flu vaccines, which will be distributed to the young, the old, pregnant women, and people with underlying diseases, according to CNA.

The MHW said it has developed a plan to distribute the vaccine among the people, as well as created an event to vaccinate senior officials of the Executive Yuan on Nov. 18.

During the meeting in the Executive Yuan, Lai appealed to the public to make plans to be vaccinated, to protect themselves and the health of their families, reported CNA.

Each municipality's public healthcare center (衛生所) is able to provide the vaccination. The Centers for Disease Control's website also has an interactive Chinese-language map which outlines where individuals can receive the flu vaccine