Taiwanese passport is world’s 29th strongest

Visa waivers for Taiwan are in force in 148 countries and territories

Taiwan's passport (Source: CNA/ File photo)

Taiwan's passport (Source: CNA/ File photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - Looking at the number of countries giving a visa waiver, Taiwan comes in at No.29, with Japan crowning the list.

British consultant Henley & Partners published the latest version of its Henley Passport Index, which lists passports according to the number of countries the holder can visit without having to apply for a visa.

Japan edged to the top of the latest list earlier this month, when Myanmar became the 190th country to give Japanese visitors a visa waiver, the Liberty Times reported.

Taiwan was listed as No. 29 with 148 countries allowing Taiwanese passport holders to enter without visa. The island country ranked level with its only European diplomatic ally, the Vatican. On January’s list, Taiwan had still been named as No.32.

Singapore featured at No.2 with 189 visa waivers, while Germany lost the top spot to end up at No.3 together with France and South Korea at 188 visa waivers.

Out of Asian countries and territories, Malaysia ranked No.10 and Hong Kong No.17. Thailand ended up at No. 68 and China at No. 71. At the bottom of the list were Afghanistan and Iraq, with only 30 visa waivers each, the Liberty Times reported.