Taiwan’s bubble milk tea continues expansion in Southeast Asia

Tiger Sugar announced its coming to Singapore in November, while Ten Ren opens its 20th store in Vietnam

Tiger Sugar popular drink, brown sugar bubble fresh milk

Tiger Sugar popular drink, brown sugar bubble fresh milk (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan's bubble milk tea expands potential markets in Southeast Asian nations as Tiger Sugar is set to open its first store in Singapore and Ten Ren just opened its 20th outlet in Vietnam.

Tiger Sugar, Taiwan's bubble milk tea brand that has been trending for its brown sugar bubbled in fresh milk tea, will reach out to the Southeast Asian market with a whole new outlet about to be opened in Singapore in November, as reported on Tuesday.

According to The Straits Times, the managing director of parent brand Clover Lifestyle, Trevor Fong, confirmed on Oct 8 that Tiger Sugar Singapore's flagship store will be located at Capitol Plaza, in the downtown main commercial area on the island, along with a presence of service staff from Taiwan to "retain the authenticity of the brand and its service attitude."

Hailing from western Taichung, Tiger Sugar is one of the most popular milk tea stores for its offerings of brown sugar bubbles in fresh milk.

Currently, Tiger Sugar has three local stores and one outlet in Hong Kong. The upcoming presence of Tiger Sugar in Singapore is expected to attract numerous milk tea lovers as well as Instagram addicts to the store, the reports said.

Meanwhile, another prominent Taiwanese tea chain, Ten Ren just opened its 20th store in Vietnam, one year after entering this market, Vietnamese media reported Tuesday.

Presenting in Vietnam since late September of 2017, Ten Ren has received ongoing and increasing welcome among the local young Vietnamese for its unique fragrance and moderate sweetness.

According to Xinhua, bubble tea entered the Vietnamese market around 2000 and became a promising business in 2016 and 2017, as many bubble tea brands mostly from Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Thailand started opening stores in the country.