Taiwan company accused of selling eggs past sell-by date

Yi Jin King eggs were marked with CAS quality label

Eggs from Yi Jin King removed from shelves after problems with banned residues and sell-by dates.

Eggs from Yi Jin King removed from shelves after problems with banned residues and sell-by dates. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Three siblings running Yi Jin King Egg Products (義進金蛋品) were freed on bail Tuesday after their company was accused of delivering eggs past their sell-by date to supermarket chains.

The company’s egg products had received the CAS (Certified Agricultural Standards) quality label and were on sale at PX Mart (全聯) supermarkets, the Apple Daily reported.

Yi Jin King, reportedly one of Taiwan’s five largest egg suppliers, first attracted investigators’ attention when tests found residues of the banned animal drug Nicarbazine in its egg products last July. The eggs had been on sale at a PX Mart in Chiayi County and were removed from sale the following morning, the Apple Daily reported.

Later, a former employee told the authorities that it had been common practice at Yi Jin King since 2016 to mix eggs close to their sell-by date with fresh eggs and sell them under misleading labels, according to a report by Mirror Media. Broken eggs and old eggs were used for egg products to be supplied to bakeries and restaurants, the report said.

The three siblings named Su (蘇) who ran the company with its headquarters in Zhonghe, New Taipei City, and plants in Changhua County and Kaohsiung City admitted to investigators that they had relabeled and resold the eggs found with traces of Nicarbazine, but gave different explanations for the sale of eggs past their sell-by date, the Apple Daily reported.

The three were released on bail ranging from NT$200,000 (US$6,450) to NT$500,000 on suspicion of forgery and violations of the Food Safety Act.

PX Mart announced that consumers who had bought the dubious Yi Jin King egg products could return them until December 8.