Taiwan's test for scooter licenses becomes stricter on Nov. 1

Written test for driver's license for scooters in Taiwan to become stricter on Nov. 1

(Image from Directorate General of Highways)

(Image from Directorate General of Highways)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- The written test to obtain a driver's license for a scooter in Taiwan will include twice as many questions, while more time will be required for safety lectures, beginning on Nov. 1., announced the Ministry of Transportation and Communication (MOTC) yesterday (Oct. 8).

Minister of Transportation and Communications, Wu Hong-mo (吳宏謀), at the Legislative Yuan on Monday announced that more situational questions will be added to the written test for scooter licenses to improve traffic safety, increasing the number of questions on the examination from five questions to 10. In addition, Wu said that pre-test driver's training will be extended from 90 minutes to 120 minutes, with both changes to take effect on Nov. 1.

In his report to the Legislative Yuan, wu said that an average of eight people died in traffic accidents every day last year, however, he said that the average death toll over 30 days dropped from 3,120 in 2014 to 2,723 last year. Wu emphasized that though the overall number of fatalities has declined, the number of young people and those over the age of 65 is disproportionately high.

Wu said that MOTC has set a target of reducing the 30-day average death toll to below 2,300 by 2022. To improve traffic safety, the MOTC will implement a point system for illegal drivers, reform the testing system, strengthen speed limit enforcement, regulate drivers who are over 75 years of age, regulate tourist buses, strengthen electric bicycle regulations, and improve bridge safety.

Sample question from driver's license test. (Directorate General of Highways image)

In terms of scooter examinations, MOTC expects to improve the content of written tests and strengthen pre-test driver's education within one year. Currently, there are 60 possible questions in the test bank for the written test for the driver's license for scooters, which currently contains five questions.

Wu said that by expanding the pool of questions in the written test to 120 situational questions, it will represent a proportional increase of 100 percent. The questions on the test will be doubled from 5 to 10, and an online risk perception learning system will be set up for student drivers.

According to the Directorate General of Highways, the current written test for scooters selects five questions from a bank of 50 questions, five of which are situational questions. In the future, out of 50 questions, 10 will be situational, and will be presented as a graphic image.

Sample question from driver's license test. (Directorate General of Highways image)

In presenting graphic images, it is hoped that mistakes will be reduced and it will be easier for test takers to understand the topics.

In order to strengthen pre-exam training, Wu said the length of pre-test safety education will be extended from the current 90 minutes to 120 minutes, and training will be increased at schools which have higher accident rates.

Within the next three years, MOTC plans to incorporate risk-awareness videos into test question banks and driver's education classes. It also plans on establishing a "front-line learning mechanism for scooters and driver's education classes, with the aim of enhancing risk awareness, strengthening legal knowledge and, cultivating the concept of correct road etiquette.

Sample question from driver's license test. (Directorate General of Highways image)