AirAsia to launch flights from Taiwan to Boracay

Low cost airline AirAsia announced that Monday it will reinstate flights from Taiwan to Boracay on Oct 26

(photo courtesy of AirAsia)

(photo courtesy of AirAsia)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Low cost airline AirAsia announced on Monday that it will launch flights from Taiwan’s Taoyuan International Airport and Kaohsiung International Airport to Boracay, as scheduled to reopen on Oct 26, according to a Central News Agency report on Monday.

AirAsia said the flights from Taiwan to Boracay will stop over in Manila, adding that it will offer at least 20% discount flight tickets to customers in the Taiwan market, the report said.

Discounted tickets for flights between Nov 6, 2018 and Mar 21, 2019 will be available for sale from now to Oct 21, with a one-way ticket selling for NT$2,696 before tax, the carrier announced.

Boracay, an internationally famous island resort, was closed by the Philippines government on April 26 to rectify the environmental pollution problem that was caused by overdevelopment and tourism. The government has recently announced that the island will be reopened to visitors on Oct. 26 and there will be a limit on the number of visitors, according to the report.