Paraguayan Immigration Director accused of misconduct by Taiwanese translator

A report was filed, but an agreement was reached that the foreign official would leave Taiwan as soon as possible

National Immigration Agency

National Immigration Agency (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – As the Paraguayan presidential delegation visits Taiwan this week, an official from the country has drawn some unwanted attention for alleged misconduct, the director of the country’s Immigration Bureau, Julian Vega.

Vega arrived in Taipei last week at the invitation of the Taiwanese National Immigration Agency (NIA) to join a standardized training program for immigration officials. Vega was assigned a female translator for the duration of what was to be an eight day visit.

It was reported on Sunday, that the female translator accused Vega of inappropriately “rubbing her thigh.” According to LTN, the translator filed a report with the Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office on Oct. 5 alleging sexual misconduct.

A settlement was reportedly reached the same day in private, with the result that no formal charges would be pressed but that Vega would leave Taiwan as soon as possible.

He is reportedly flying back to Paraguay on Tuesday, Oct. 9.

The Taipei Prosecutor’s Office, when asked about the allegations against Vega, did not offer any details of the accusations, emphasizing that nothing had been verified.

LTN reports that Vega’s wife was also visiting Taiwan. Due to the diplomatic sensitivity of the situation involved, Taiwanese law enforcement are reportedly reluctant to discuss the issue further.

This is the second year that the NIA has hosted the international training course for immigration officials. This year 12 officials from nine countries, including the U.S., Belgium, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, South Africa, Paraguay and Guatemala came to take part in the program.