Taiwan welcomes traditional arts performance from Asia Pacific, and Eastern Europe  

The 2018 Asia Pacific Traditional Arts Festival will take place from October 11  to November 3

(Image from websites of National Center for Traditional Arts)

(Image from websites of National Center for Traditional Arts)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The 2018 Asia Pacific Traditional Arts Festival which aims to preserve various forms of traditional performances worldwide will last for almost a month with 17 foreign and domestic art groups presenting several fascinating performances.  

As an annual event that has attracted more than a thousand local and international artists since its first launch in 2000, this year's festival will be held between Oct. 11 and Nov. 3 at the National Center for Traditional Arts in Yilan and the Taiwan Traditional Theatre Center in Taipei. 

With the main theme of "The Preservation and Adaptation of Traditional Arts", the festival, for the first time, will feature several groups from beyond the Asia-Pacific region, such as Japan and South Korea from Northeast Asia, Armenia from West Asia, Tyva Republic from North Asia; and Bulgaria and Serbia from Eastern Europe. In total, 12 foreign and five Taiwanese groups will take part in performing and exchanging culture throughout the month-long event.

From Japan's buyō dance and South Korea's traditional nongak folk music to Serbia's combination of tradition and jazz and Bulgaria's group singing performance, audiences will be able to enjoy an autumn arts season that is full of performances, workshops, demonstrations, and forums. 

A full recap of the The 2018 Asia Pacific Traditional Arts Festival:

(Source: Youtube - Taiwan Traditional Theater Center)