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Shiba Inu steals show during ceremony after scaling 7 peaks in central Taiwan with owner

Dog nicknamed 'A Chai' was focus of attention at Taichung City ceremony after scaling 7 mountains in Taiwan with its master

(photo courtesy of Taichung City Government)

(photo courtesy of Taichung City Government)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)—A Shiba Inu dog nicknamed “A Chai” became the focus of attention at a certificate ceremony in Taichung City on Monday because it successfully scaled seven central Taiwan mountain peaks in the company of its master in organized mountaineering activities.

According to a news release posted by Taichung Tourism Bureau on its official website on Monday, bureau director Chen Sheng-shan (陳盛山) presented certificates on Saturday to 105 people who finished scaling Taichung’s Kukuan Seven Heroes (谷關七雄) within six months in an activity organized by the Taichung Tourism Bureau.

The Seven Heroes are seven mid-range mountains in the Kukuan area of central Taiwan.

During the certificate giving ceremony, Huang extolled the determination and positivity demonstrated by those who finished the climbs, a total of over 12,000 meters, in the expedition, the release said.

However, A Chai got the most attention at the ceremony, the bureau said, because the five-year-old Japanese breed joined its master for the seven-peak expedition, from the beginning to the end.

Huang said A Chai enjoys mountaineering with him, and that during the seven-peak climb, the canine was quicker than he was, running ahead of him all the time, according to the bureau.

Scaling the seven peaks was part of Taichung City Government’s effort to promote mountaineering in the city’s mountainous district of Heping this year, and to promote the area's already well-known hot spring.

The city’s tourism bureau said each of the Kukuan Seven Heroes is attractive in its own way in every season. The Bureau hopes both domestic and international tourists will come to enjoy the beauty of these seven mountains.

Taichung’s mid-range Kukuan Seven Heroes include Maluan (馬崙山), Basian (八仙山), Baimao (白毛山), Dongmao (東卯山), Tangmadan (唐麻丹山), Pojinjia (波津加山) , and Wuwowei (屋我尾山) mountains. Mid-range mountains are summits between about 1,500m and 3,000m.

Shiba Inu steals show during ceremony after scaling 7 peaks in central Taiwan with owner
(photo courtesy of Taichung City Government)